Starving Artist Fair

FUNICS乐漫堂动漫参加位于乌节路Scape商场的原创动漫文创市集--“Starving Artist Fair”。

活动于2016年3月26日中午12点至晚上9点,在SCAPE五楼SCAPEmedia hub举行。为了支持第一次的“Starving Artist Fair”,FUNICS乐漫堂动漫推出了30-50%的优惠活动给购买我们漫画书的消费者。

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Starving Artist Fair is a bi-monthly festival of independent comics, illustrations, toys, talks and workshops. Come and support your favourite local artists and creators who will be selling original comics and related artworks, merchandise and toys. 

There will also be talks and workshops for anyone interested in comics, drawing and storytelling.